Art-Music Nightlife

St. Thomas has the best nightlife in the Virgin Islands! Many bars and clubs play a mixture of popular Caribbean music and American hits.

In Havensight has many bars and restaurants, often with all kinds of music playing, live bands, TV's for watching sports, pool tables.

Charlotte Amalie, along the waterfront area you will find some great bars and restaurants. It is not a good idea to walk in downtown Charlotte Amalie at night outside of the popular restaurant/bar area. The restaurants and bars are in walking distance from each other.

Frenchtown, just outside of Charlotte Amalie, is another good place to go out at night. There are several amazing restaurants and a few bars in that area.

Most of the resorts and hotels offer all kinds of nightlife; including bars, pool tables, restaurants and karaoke and live music . Some offer casual night activities like beach volleyball and Caribbean shows complete with calypso singers.

Ask for information at any hotel reception desk.Most of the resorts and hotels offer all kinds of nightlife; including bars, pool tables, restaurants and karaoke and live music . Some offer casual night activities like beach volleyball and Caribbean shows complete with calypso singers. Ask for information at any hotel reception desk. Try heading to Red Hook if your looking for a semi-block party island style. Dinner and drinks at one spot and then head over to another bar or restaurant to listen to music or maybe a live band. Red Hook has several great spots that are all in walking distance which makes bar hopping allot eaiser.


Coconut Cove, Ritz Carlton Resort, 775-3333
Sun 6 to 9 (Andrew Douglas on Steel Pans)

Iggies Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, 775-1800
Tue 7 to 10 (Don Herbert on Steel Pan)
Marriott Frenchman’s Cove, Sunset Poolside Bar & Grill, 776-8500 Mon 4 to 6 (Francis Callwood on Steel Pan)
The Palms Restaurant
Emerald Beach Resort, 777-8800
Fri 6 to 9:30 (Aben Marrero on Steel Pan)
Rumbuzz, Magens Point Bar & Grill
Magens Point Resort, 775-2899
Mon 6 to 7 (Andrew Douglas on Steel Pans)


Big Bamboo, Red Hook, 774-9347
Twofer Tuesday 11pm to closing
(DJ Cash/Stevo) Sat 8 to 11 (Live Entertainment)

Caribbean Saloon, Red Hook, 775-7060

Wed, Fri and Sat 10 pm to 4 am (DJ)
Occasional Live Music – Call for schedule!

Coconut Cove, Ritz Carlton Resort, 775-3333
Thu 6 to 9 (Top Notch Band)
Crown Bay Gaming & Sports Lounge
Crown Bay Marina, 715-5300

Fri 10 to 2 (Top Notch Band)
Duffy’s Love Shack, Red Hook, 779-2080
Dancing under the stars nightly from 9:30 pm until…

Red Hook, 777-4275
Sat 11 to 3am (Music DJ)

Fat Turtle
Yacht Haven Grande, 714-3566

Fri 10 to 2am (DJ Cypher)
The Greenhouse 774-7998, Tues 9:30 until 2 Dancing (DJ John)

Hubbly Bubbly
Yacht Haven Grande, 774-6652

First Friday 6 to 9 Live Band – call for schedule

Hull Bay Hideaway, Hull Bay, 777-1898
Call for schedule, or see Guitar, Keyboard, Variety

Iggies Beach Bar & Grill
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, 775-1800

See also Guitar, Keyboards, Variety Section
Mon 8 to 11 (Hot Tunes featuring Becca Darling)
Wed Carnival Night (Sammy Watts Band)
Fri 8 to 11 (Slick Fiction) Sat 8 to 11
(Unity Band - reggae) Sun 7 to 10 (Flipswitch Band)

Johnny’s, Barbel Plaza, 775-1332
Fri and Sat 10 to 2 (Spectrum) Call for schedule!

Marriott Frenchman’s Reef and Morning Star Resort Sunset Grill 776-8500
Tue-Sat 7 to 10 (Flamboyant Band)

Molly Malones, Red Hook, 775-1270
Call for schedule or see Guitar, Keyboard, Variety

Paradise Point Top of Tramway, 777-4540
Wed 6 to 10 Sunset Party with Top Notch Band

Al Cohen Plaza, Havensight, 777-1293

Thu9:30 to 2:00 (DJ Snow Top40, Dance,
Retro) Sat 10:30 to 3 (DJ John Top-40, Old School)

Starz Nightclub
Port of Sale Mall, 775-9741

Fri and Sat (Live music and DJs from off-island)


Looney Bien Frenchtown, 777-8226
Mon 7 to 10 (Open Jam with Patrick and Whit)

STARZ Nightclub
Port of Sale Mall 775-9735,
Thu 9 to 12
(Host,) and DJ playing Rock the rest of the night!

Tickles Dockside Pub
Crown Bay Marina, 776-1595

Wed 7 to 10 (Host, Tim West)


Aqua Terra Lounge
Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Hotel, 776-8500

Tue and Wed 7 to 10 (Freddie Rabuse)

Northside Bistro Northside, 775-5098
Mon & Thur, 6:30 to 9:30 (Louis Taylor)
Tue, Wed 6:30 to 9:30 (Paul Dirks-guitar) Thu, Fri, 7 to 10 (Freddie Rabuse-piano/vocals) Sat 7 to 10 (Louis Taylor featuring Jerry Harris)

Sapphire Grill
Sapphire Beach Condos, 777-4280

Fri 7 to 10 (Ebony and Ivory featuring
Dennis Frett and Danny Silber)


Iggies Beach Bar & Grill
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, 775-1800

Wed, Carnival Night with Sammy Watts
Calypso band, West Indian buffet,
King Herin Limbo Show and local arts/crafts)


Paradise Point, Top of Tramway, 777-4540
Sat 6 to 9 (The Johnson Project)

Sails, Ritz Carlton Resort, 775-3333 Thu 5 to 8
(James Anderson on guitar, jazz and classical)

Sapphire Grill
Sapphire Bay Condos, 777-4280

Sun 6 to 9 (Pipe Dream)

Tavern On The Waterfront, 776-4328
Fridays 7 to 10 (Louis Taylor with vocalist Jerry Harris) Open for players to sit in.

Yacht Haven Grande
Esplanade 775-8900
, Sat Jan 19 7 to 10
(Live Jazz) Sat Feb 16 (Live Jazz)


Amigo’s (Above Molly Molone’s)
Red Hook, 775-1270

Sat 9 to 12 (Host, Antonio)

Cabana Bar, Bluebeard’s Castle, 774-1600
Mon 7 to 10 (Host, Antonio)

Fatboys, Red Hook, 777-4275
11 to 1am (Host, Hector)

Iggies Beach Bar & Grill
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, 775-1800

Thu 8 to 11(Hostess, Janet Reiter)

Johnny’s Bar, Barbel Plaza, 775-1332
Fri 7 to 10 (Host, Antonio)

Pilgrim Terrace, Mafolie Hill, 777-1016
Fri 9 to 1 (Host, Tommy Pilgrim)


Big Bamboo
Red Hook, 714-7BIG
Sat 8 to 11 (Live Music)

Cariga’s at Bottoms Up
Independent Boat Yard, 779-8935
Call for schedule!

Fatboys, Red Hook, 777-4275
Mon 7 to 11 (Jon & Jeremy)
Wed 9 to 12 (Rita Aguila)
Thu 9 to 12 (Matt and Ines)

Hull Bay Hideaway, Hull Bay, 779-1898,
Live Music Sat. night and Sun. afternoons 4:30
to 7:30 - Call for schedule. Sat 6 to 9 (Freddie Rabuse on keyboard/vocals) Sun Jan 6 (Stolen Silver Band) Sun Jan 13 (Henry Haid & The Sun Kings One Hit Wonder Revue) Sun Jan 27 (Sol Driven Train) Sun Feb 3 (The Grandsons) Sun Feb 17 (Tom Mason & The Blues Buccaneers) Sun Feb 24 (Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin; Altarboys)

Iggies Beach Bar & Grill
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, 775-1800

Mon 7 to 10 (Rockalypso w/ Jon Gazi) Tue 7 to 10 (Flipswitch) Wed 7 to 10 (Carnival Night w/Sammy Watts Combo) Thu 8 to 11 Jan 10 (Henry Haid & The Sun Kings One Hit Wonder Show) Thu Jan 24 (Sol Driven Train) Tue Jan 29 (Get Right Band) Thu Jan 31 (The Grandsons) Thu Feb 21
(Tom Mason & The Blues Buccaneers) Thu Feb 28


(Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin’ Altarboys)
Fri 8 to 11 (Hot Tunes w/ Becca Darling) Sat 8 to 11 (Unity Band - reggae) Sun 8 to 11 (Slick Fiction)

Jack’s Bight
Point Pleasant Resort, 776-9464

Tue 6:30 to 9:30 (Tipsy Tuesday Team Trivia)
Stoli Trippin’ Thursday 7 to 10 (Live Music – Call for schedule –Sun 6 to 8 (Brian Dean)
Thu Jan 3 (Stolen Silver Band) Thu Jan 17 ((Sol Driven Train) Thu Feb 7 (The Grandsons)

Joe’s Beach Bar
Honeymoon Beach, Water Island

Sundays 4 to 8 (Brian Dean alternating
with Tim West Band)

Latitude 18 Vessup Bay, 777-4552
Mon 7 to 10 (Barefoot Davis with Ras Abijah and Donald Birmingham) Tue 7:30 to 9:30 (Flipswitch)
Wed 7:30 to 9:30 (Brian Dean or Jason Jones)
Thu – Sat 7:30 to 10:30 (The Sun Mtn Band w/
Dick Solberg, the Fiddler) Sun 4:30 to 7:30 (Inner
Visions) Wed Jan 2 and 9 (Stolen Silver Band)
Mon Jan 14 (Henry Haid & The Sun Kings One Hit
Wonder Revue) Wed Jan 16 (Sol Driven Train) Wed Jan 30 and Feb 6 (The Grandsons)
Wed Feb 20 (Tom Mason & The Blues Buccaneers)
Wed Feb 27 (Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin; Altarboys)

Looney Bien, Frenchtown, 777-8226
Sat 7 to 10 (Live Music – Call for schedule)

Marriott Frenchman’s Cove
Sunset Poolside Bar & Grill, 776-8500

Tue and Fri 5 to 7 (Tim West Band)

Molly Molones, Red Hook, 775-1270
L Mon 6:30 to 9:30 (Drew and Jess) Wed and Fri 6:30 to 9:30 (Two Blue Shoes) Sat 7:30 to 10:30 (Tim West Band) Live music 7 nights a week – call for schedule

Old Stone Farm House
Next to Magens Point Resort on the Golf Course, 777-6277
, Wed - Sun 8 to 11 (Drew McHolm and Jessie)

Rumbuzz, Magens Point Bar & Grill
Magens Point Resort, 775-2899

Mon 7 to 10 (Jason Jones)

Sapphire Grill, Sapphire Bay Condos, 777-4280
Fri 7 to 10 (Jason Jones on guitar/vocals)

STARZ Nightclub, Port of Sale Mall 775-9735
FIRST Fri 9pm and Sat 7 and 9pm
of each month (COMEDY Nite LIVE)

Tickles Dockside Pub
Crown Bay Marina, 776-1595

Mon and Tue 5 to 9 (Wii Bowling League) Wed 7 to 10 (Open Mic w/ Tim West) Sat 8 to 11 Salsa
Dancing! (Free salsa, merenge and bacchata lessons with Vicky and Emilio) Thu Jan 3 7 to 10 (Stolen Silver Band) Thu Jan 10 7 to 10 (Hot Tunes w/Becca Darling) Sun Feb 3 (SUPER BOWL PARTY) Thu Feb 7 7 to 10 (Hot Tunes w/Becca Darling) Tue Feb 12
MARDI GRAS PARTY 7 to 10 (Live Music TBA) Thu Feb 21 7 to 10 (Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin; Altarboys) Thu Feb 28 7 to 10 (Cristabel & The Jons)

XO Bistro, Red Hook, 779-2069
Live Music Wed and Sun 8 to 11 Call!

Sunday March 1, 6-7 PM 

Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence 

Peace Hill, Virgin Islands National Park, St. John 

On iconic Peace Hill overlooking the sea, sunsets on Sundays are the settings for the peaceful teachings of Gandhi-MLK Season for Nonviolence, a global campaign for peace.  Unity of St. John presents teachings, music and meditation in a free program to enhance personal peace in a changing world.  A complimentary shuttle to Peace Hill departs at 5:30 pm from the St. John ferry dock – take the 5 pm ferry from Red Hook – returning 7 pm. 


Friday March 6 

First Friday Downtown 

Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas 

First Friday in Downtown Charlotte Amalie showcases the best island St. Thomas has to offer in drinks, food and entertainment in the cultural mecca of the island.  Every first Friday downtown restaurants and bars stay open for extended hours.  Perfect time for dining out or a pub crawl. 


Friday March 6, 6 – 9 PM 

First Friday 

Mongoose Junction, Cruz Bay, St. John 

Discover, dine and dance the night away as Mongoose Junction features local artists, art exhibits and live music.  For info visit 


Sunday and Monday March 8 and 9 

Full Moon Kayak Tours 

Virgin Islands Ecotours – Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas.   

Venture to the East End of St. Thomas to explore the famous spooky Mangrove Lagoon in the moonlight in two-person easy to paddle kayaks.  You will wear headlamps as you paddle through the mangrove tunnels exploring the Wildlife Preserve.  The marina is lit up for dining and drinks afterwards. 

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St. Croix Beaches

St. John Beach Guide

You have got to do St. John. You hear that from everyone who has visited the Island and from those who live here. But, what does it mean to do St. John? Well, there are the wonderful hiking trails that meander through the island that can take you from the "bustling" town of Cruz Bay to secluded beaches and pristine Caribbean forests. How about touring the island on a two-hour tour of the National Park or just go shopping in Cruz Bay? And don't forget the plethora of beaches.


St. John Weddings / Romance

DID YOU KNOW THAT... Many couples are opting to save the money (not to mention the stress and hard work) of a big wedding at home by escaping to a Caribbean island for a combination wedding/honeymoon. Upon their return, they can share the event by showing the video and photographs at an informal reception.

All the islands are beautiful and, on some, weddings have become a major promotional tool. So why should you choose St. Thomas above others?


Moving To St. John

St. Thomas, one of the three United States Virign Islands, along with St. Croix and St. John, St. Thomas is one of the most beautiful island destinations in the world, dressed with powdery beaches and sun-drenched weather. St. Thomas is located in the Lesser Antilles, 1,600 miles south, south east of New York City; 1,100 east, southeast of Miami; 70 miles of San Juan. St. Thomas and its nearby neighbor St. John, lay between the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

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Getting To St. John

Our Port

You get to St. John by flying to nearby St. Thomas and then take a taxi to Red Hook and then a 15 minute ferry to St. John. Ferries depart every hour. As an alternative you can take a taxi a taxi to the Charlotte Amalie Ferry dock and then embark on a 45 minute ferry to St. John.

If you are renting a home you will definitely need to rent a car, and should consider an all wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicle. St. John has some rental car companies but you can also rent a car in St. Thomas and then take a ferry which will transport your car over to St. John . If just visiting for the day there are numerous taxis and safari vans available. St. John taxi and van drivers are very hospitable and accommodating.

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Planning A Trip

Planning a trip to the St. John is exciting, fun and so easy…..

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St. John Island Tours

Guided Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour On St. Thomas
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Events & Festivals

So many wonderful Events and things to do in St. John

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Water Sports

Come join us in our exploration of the unique underwater world.

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